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Child & Family Studies Minor

The child and family studies minor will give you a broad understanding of the different areas in child and family studies. You’ll learn typical individual and family development, which you can apply in your discipline.

The child and family studies minor is a great fit for any student who plans to work with children and adults after graduation. Majors that typically minor in child and family studies include communicative disorders, criminal justice, psychology, and sociology.

A minor in child and family studies also prepares you to become a certified family life educator, which requires a test and some course prerequisites.

See the curriculum for the child and family studies minor in the on-line catalog.

All prerequisites, corequisites and restrictions apply.

Note: This minor takes at least 3 semesters to complete because of the prerequisites.


  • CAFS 201 (3 cr.) Diverse Families
  • CAFS 243 (3 cr) - Human Sexuality
  • CAFS 339 (3 cr) - Human Development: Early Childhood
  • CAFS 359 (3 cr) - Human Development: Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood
  • CAFS 431(G) (3 cr) - Human Development: Gerontology (Prereq: CAFS 201 or CAFS 323)

 Selected Courses: Choose three (3) credit hours from the following electives:

  • CAFS 350 (3 cr) - Family Resource Management
  • CAFS 432(G) (3 cr) - Families in Crisis (Prereq: CAFS 201 or CAFS 323)
  • CAFS 439(G) (3 cr) - Parent - Child Relationships (Prereq: CAFS 201 or CAFS 323 and CAFS 339)
  • CAFS 440 (3 cr) - Family Law and Public Policy

Minimum hours required: 18 credits