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Anthropology Society

Students participating in the skeleton dig at Archaeo-Olympics 2014

The Anthropology Society/Club is dedicated to student involvement in the four sub-fields: cultural and biological anthropology, archaeology, and anthropological linguistics. The goals of the club are anthropological education, public awareness, and the preservation of cultural resources. The club fosters anthropological curiosity, cross-cultural understanding, systematic and ethical research, and career planning.


Membership is open to all students.

Club dues are $10 per academic year or $5 per academic semester.

Club Activities

  • Guest SpeakersGuest Speaker Forensic Anthropologist Mary Manhein posing with students
  • Anthropological Films
  • Local and National Conferences
  • Archaeological Excavations
  • Ethnographic Studies
  • Activities for Louisiana Archaeology Week including Archaeo-Olympics
  • Fund Raising Activities such as book sales and bake sales.
  • Publishing the annual Pen and Trowel student newsletter. Download and view the latest edition of Pen and Trowel.

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Contact us by email with additional questions:

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kathe Managan (